Canine Temperament Tests: An International Trend

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By Mary R. Burch, PhD

While dog trainers in the United States are usually aware of puppy temperament tests (e.g., Volhard’s PAT) and temperament tests for adult dogs including the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) test and most recently, the AKC Temperament Test (ATT), many trainers are not aware that temperament testing is a widespread international trend.

For trainers who have an interest in canine temperament, a list of tests from multiple countries is below.

Dutch SAB (Socially Acceptable Behavior)

Measures aggression


Sweden – Behavior & Personality Assessmentt in Dogs (BPH) (Sweden)–-for-all-dogs-r216/

Started in 2012 by the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK). The assessment is designed to fit all dogs, regardless of breed. The BPH takes about 30 minutes and consists of 7 parts. The aim is to give a summary of how the dog reacts in and handles various situations.


German Shepherd Dog Club of America Temperament Test

Test is a modified ATTS test and includes neutral/friendly stranger, reactions to auditory (clattering) and visual stimuli (umbrella), reaction to gunshot, unusual footing and an aggressive stranger.


UDC Temperament Test (United Doberman Club)


Mentalbeskrivning Hund (MH) – Swedish Working Dogs (also in Finland)

Click to access MH%20test%20in%20english.pdf

A canine character test originally developed in Sweden by Svenska Brukshundklubben – Swedish Working dog association. The test is mainly intended for working dogs, such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Collies, Boxers etc. But dogs of other breeds can take the MH test as well.

In Finland the test is under the Finnish Kennel Club (SKL) and the Finnish Working Dog Association (SPKL).


Working Aptitude Evaluation (WAE for the WAC) – Dobermans

Developed from the ATTS. (Social attraction, sound (clattering), sight (umbrella), footing, protective response-decoy.


Working Test for Retrievers – Italiano (Italy)

The aim of a Working Test is to select the best dogs having good temperament, good marking, good use of nose and showing initiative.


IPO- formerly called Schutzhund


 (Cane Corso breed) – The A(CAL) test


Federacion Canofila Mexicana TT (Mexico)

Click to access ReglamentoTemperamento2016.pdf


C-BARQ (questionnaire)

This is a questionnaire.




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