Get Involved

Want to join the forces and make your dog a Canine Good Citizen or S.T.A.R. Puppy?  To get started in training classes, visit the CGC Training/Testing page for information on how to find classes near you.

When you are ready to have your dog tested, visit the CGC by State page to find an evaluator or test in your area.

You can also visit the CGC Schedule page to view upcoming tests being given at AKC events and in the community.


4 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Roxanne Denboer says:

    Hi Mary, I have some pictures to download and send you for your next newsletter…where do I send them? I have a pic of new puppy stars and CGC’s!

  2. new safe dog/human exercis rigs – dog powered mobility

    unlimited dog exercise under excellent dog control

    these rigs are much safer and more practical than using a bicycle or any “dog out front ” method of mushing for us urban dwellers.

    Dear High Drive Dog Owners-
    check out these new dog/human powered rigs !


    safe, fun and practical dog exercise tools. and a whole new dog sport !
    this is the first time anyone has placed a pulling animal BEHIND a steering wheel- that makes it safe and so easy- that makes it big news !

    interested in a news article or just a link?


  3. Charisse says:

    Hi Mary,

    I am wondering about a problem my boxer has developed begining the first part of November. My vet seems to think it is alergy problems, but I am not finding anything that helps him. He started itching and scratching the first part of November and nothing I do seems to help. He is on benadryl, 2 pills 2 times a day, along with prednizone every other day. He has special alergy shampoo and lotion as well. The vet says it is the wrong time of the year to develop alergy problems so they think it is a food alergy but I have switched his food and that doesn’t seem to make a difference either. I can’t think of anything that has changed in his environment either. I would be very greatful for any help or suggestions from anyone as I have tried many things with little or no success. He has also developed what the vet calles a benign growth on this front which bleeds on occasion and he licks, but otherwise doesn’t seem to bother him. The vet didn’t seem concerned about this either other than the fact that if it doesn’t go away after a few months then we will need to do something about it.


    • vicki says:

      charisse I have had the same problem with two different dogs. My white german shepherd i had, had some major allergic reaction to alot of different things. I have changed to different foods and all this did was cause more problems. Plus he never liked the different food i put him on he refused to eat it, and would pick out the new dog food. I have tried allergy medication and everything. I now have another german shepherd that has the same problems. My opinion and seems to help is it can be a yeast infection of some sort and I have found giving him plain yogurt, he loves it as a treat, has helped with the scratching. Keeping him clean seems to help as well. Always ask your vet anything you try differently I have had alot of advice given to me but I always ask my vet before making a decision. Use your own judgement but always seek profession advice.

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