It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

Springtime is here! Even though you may live in a place where you still have some melting snow, it’s time to clean up your property. My top two tips for outdoor Spring cleaning follow.

Maintain your property
Start this Spring season by keeping your lawn waste free. Remove grass clippings, tree branches, and any trash. “Ranger,” a German Shepherd puppy, cut his foot as he walked through a large pile of grass clippings in his owner’s yard. No one realized until it was too late that there was a piece of rusty metal under the grass.
Woman With Dog Having Coffee Break Whilst Working Outdoors In Garden

Cleaning up trash and repairing walkways can prevent accidents. While you’re cleaning up the yard, check all outdoor lighting to make sure it’s working, including outdoor lights and stair lights.

Use Dog Friendly Gardening Practices
Springtime isn’t all about cleaning. It’s time for planting new plants, fertilizing, and watering. Make sure that all of your gardening products including fertilizers and pesticides are stored in a secure location and that you have selected pet friendly, non-lethal products for the safety of children and pets.
Several years ago, we had a very close call at our home. Not realizing that the product would be a problem, my husband put snail and slug bait at the base of some plants. My beloved Border Collie, Laddie, ate the bait and was rushed to the emergency veterinarian just in time to save his life. Laddie was not a dog who went around eating things on the property, but it turns out that snail and slug bait actually attracts animals.

By keeping a watchful eye and closely inspecting your property, you will ensure that dogs and visitors stay safe.

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