Urban CGC Test in Springfield, MA

The Urban CGC test is a great fit for therapy dogs. These dogs are out and about in the community and they do many of the Urban CGC test items on their way to a therapy visit.

cgcu-donnaThe Dog Obedience Guidance School held an Urban CGC test (CGCU) at the Shrine Hospital for Children in Springfield,Massachusetts. The Shrine allowed us the use of their elevator for the test as well as the entrance to the Hospital for building entry, and foyer down stays. This was made possible by Noble Arthur Pappas who arranged the use of the hospital grounds. Besides the CGCU, 2 CGCAs, and 1 CGC were also earned that day. The test was a great success.11 dogs and 9 handlers participated. The group also collected $150.00 donation for the Hospital.
Tested by CGC Evaluator Donna Blews-Pappas, those passing the CGCU were Henry Kaczmarski, and Russell Terriers ,Bandit and Oreo,Ashley Paden and Malamute Harley,Linda Houle and Shetland Sheepdog,Rasans Ironhorse, Mike Misha and German Shepherd Dog Baron,Joyce Belliveau and German Shepherd dog, Arlo,Lori Duvall and Westie,Oliver,Diane Cohn and Rottweiler,Shiraz,also earned CGCA, Elizabeth Omeara, and Havanese,Rato &Buda, and Elise Grouge and Border Collie Tallysen earned their CGC,CGCA,& CGCU. Congratulations to them all!!!


About Canine Good Citizen

AKC Canine Good Citizen Director, Author of the AKC's official CGC book, "CITIZEN CANINE"
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