Why Get the New CGC Title?

On Saturday morning, I went to the mailbox and there it was, an envelope from the American Kennel Club.

I was excited as I opened the envelope and saw the new official Canine Good Citizen title for “Wyn.”

Several weeks ago, I filled out the grandfathering form, wrote a personal check, and sent in the paperwork so that Wyn’s CGC award would be converted to a title.

Now, according to Wyn’s updated certificate, he is  “Ch. Noel’s Wynn-Wyn Situation, UD, AXJ, OA, CGC.”

So why get the CGC title for a dog who has the Utility title in obedience, a far more advanced title than CGC?  Certainly, as the CGC Director, I wanted to support this new title. But the main reason I thought Wyn should have the official CGC title is that CGC was the first training activity in which he participated.

I held the certificate in my hands and I smiled. I remembered the beautiful, sunny day at a dog show in Lake City, Florida, when Wyn took the CGC test. I remember thinking when he passed the test, “We’re on our way.” I came home that day, took photos with Wyn and the CGC rosette, and sent them to friends and family. The CGC award was just as meaningful to me as the more advanced titles that would come later.

The new CGC title. For me, it is a wonderful way to formally document Wyn’s very first training accomplishment.

To learn how to get the CGC title, see:  http://www.akc.org/events/cgc/title.cfm

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About Canine Good Citizen

AKC Canine Good Citizen Director, Author of the AKC's official CGC book, "CITIZEN CANINE"
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11 Responses to Why Get the New CGC Title?

  1. That’s how I got hooked on dog training. I remember being so nervous taking the test.
    Vikki Boyd, CCPDT

  2. Kathryn Smith says:

    I don’t know to whom to accredit this quote, but I saw it several months ago and think it pretty much sums up what it’s all about —
    ‘Pedigree’ indicates what the animal should be;
    ‘Conformation’ indicates what the appears to be; but
    ‘Performance’ indicates what the animal really is.

    if anyone knows whose words these are, please let me, know.

  3. Kathryn Smith says:

    well, it obviously should have read ‘Conformation’ indicates what the ANIMAL appears to be… sorry!

  4. Susan Buentello says:

    The quote is variously attributed to “author unknown” or “anonymous”.

  5. Stephanie Crawford says:

    I need to remember to send in for my three dogs who have earned the CGC in the past. It is important to add this to the dog’s accomplishments as it shows the world you care. If someone is a trainer or a CGC Evaluator it would be nice to see those CGCs as titles to show respect for the program we participate in. As breed specific legislation continues to be an issue in our country, we need to get dogs trained and titled. Thank you AKC for getting this program as a title so there can be more documentation. Stephanie Crawford Binghamton, NY

  6. Janet Mines Krings says:

    Mary I LOVE your photo! And I had the same experience–finding that big envelope in the mail. At first I wondered what it could be, then I remembered, and was SO excited to open it!! My dog earned his CGC just after earning his CD, and it was still not an easy thing for him, because sitting still while someone petted him and examined him so extensively was not part of the CD. It was much harder!! The brief stand for exam in the CD was easy for him compared to the CGC meet and greet–and he struggled to stay in control. So when he passed I was jubiliant! Of COURSE I wanted it as part of his title–I felt we worked very hard to earn it. I have, since then, worked hard to help hundreds of other people earn their CGC titles, so this is very close and dear to my heart. I think no one should take this title for granted. It is special, it means a lot–and it deserves great respect.
    Proud partner to OTCH-C Marquis Arthurian King UD, RAE, JH, CGC, WCX, ETD, TT, Therapy Dog
    (ETD is Expert Trick Dog, the OTCH is by CDSP)

  7. Rhonda West says:

    I was so happy that the AKC offered this program.. and proud that Smores (All American Dog) completed it last year. It’s a very good program, and I recommend it every chance I get. Smores is working on the Beginner Novice Obed. and Rally Novice titles currently. I would like to see what she thinks of Agility in the future. :-) Thanks…

  8. CGC is what started us on the journey to obedience, too! We just wanted a well behaved dog who would listen and be under control in public. We took the CGC test at a local dog show and then we watched an obedience class (it was CDX) and we were hooked! We knew we wanted to try it. Last year Winston has become the 4th Glen of Imaal Terrier to ever earn a CD. For many of our public dog obedience class members the journey begins much the same way!

  9. cornell72 says:

    I used the CGC title as a way to convince my insurance company that my Rottweiler was indeed a “Good Citizen” and avoid having my insurance canceled. He recently earned his CD and ThD titles.

  10. Laurie Vashaw says:

    After my chihuahua and I were in basic obedience training, my trainer said it was time for us to take the CGC test. We passed with flying colors, With that in hand, I was hooked. We went on to earn our CD, RE and now ready to complete our CDX and RAE.. If not for the CGC program We would not have furthered our training. Yes I am so glad I will able able to add another Title..CGC!!. Yes Chihuahua’s can compete and do very well. WE have 5 high in trials and numerous firsts. Just bragging because I can.

  11. Jen C says:

    I just got the CGC “title” transfered for two of my dogs. One is my 12 y/o senior. He’s got a CD and RN as well but I thought I owed it to him to make his CGC a permanent part of his name. He was our first dog, our first CGC. The other is my sweet pet, he may never get another title despite my trying, he deserves one behind his name….

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