When It Comes to Your Dog, What are You Thankful For?

Is it Thanksgiving already?  I try to be thankful for what I have year round, but at Thanksgiving time, I give being thankful a lot of thought.

I was thinking last night that I am thankful for my dog, Wyn. Then I asked myself what makes me so glad to have him in my life. Topping the list is he is a great companion, and almost every day, he makes me smile or laugh.

What specifics come to mind when you’re thinking about your dog(s)?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, everyone.

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3 Responses to When It Comes to Your Dog, What are You Thankful For?

  1. Christine Alves says:

    I am so Thankful for all the joy and happiness my German Shepherd brings into our lifes each and every day.

  2. Janet says:

    My dog has taught me so many of life’s lessons, but I think most of all, he has broadened my world. He has introduced me to people and activities that I would never have been introduced to without his influence. He is one of the main reasons I get up when I am not feeling well in the mornings, and he makes me smile when I am feeling down. I have had so many adventures, thanks to him. I have so much to thank him for!

  3. Kathleen Evers says:

    Having three rescue dogs, I am thankful that, in spite of how cruel life had been to them, they are still loving, loyal and willing to give their all to anyone cares about them. And I am very thankful that that person is me!

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