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Canine Good Citizen® Becomes an Official Title!

Canine Good Citizen® Becomes a Title! As of January 1, 2013, Canine Good Citizen® will become an official AKC title that can appear on the title records of dogs registered or listed with AKC. Dog owners who complete the CGC … Continue reading

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Problems When Dog is Crated in Car

This is part 2 of the blog about the dog whose owner reported she “went nuts” when left in the car in her crate. Our experienced trainers (thank you Kathy, Deborah, Sue, Karen and Vicki!) had some additional questions for … Continue reading

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Dog in Car Problem: What Questions Would You Ask?

When dog owner asks for advice about a behavioral issue, oftentimes, the first thing a trainer or behaviorist needs to do is ask the owner questions in order to get additional information. A dog owner wrote with this question:  “I … Continue reading

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Fire Prevention Week: Safety Tips for Dogs

October 7-13, 2012 is Fire Prevention Week. Here are some tips from the Hartford, the sponsor of CGC. Tips to Protect Your Pets From Fire Responsible Dog Owners think ahead. Advance planning can save the lives of our beloved pets, … Continue reading

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Nipping Puppy: OUCH!!

I was in an independent bookstore this weekend and the owner was there with a precious 3-month old Australian Cattle Dog. He was delightful; happy, wagging his tail and wanting to meet everyone. He trotted along behind his owner chewing … Continue reading

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Raw Food Diet Questions

There is a fair amount of controversy about raw food diets for dogs and dog owners can argue the pros and cons all day long. Without having a debate on feeding raw food diets vs. dog food, these 2 questions … Continue reading

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Hug Your Dog…or Not?

An increasing number of dog blogs and posts on lists advise against hugging dogs. The argument is that dogs don’t hug each other, hugging is a human thing, hugging shows a lack of respect for dogs, and sometimes hugging can … Continue reading

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