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Operation Second Chance: Gwinnett County Jail Dogs

  There are a number of prison programs in which inmates train dogs from shelters. The dogs are then adopted to loving homes.     Operation Second Chance is a similar program, but it is unique in that it is … Continue reading

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Treating Territorial Aggression: Don’t Touch My Car!

In the previous blog, we had discussion about dogs who engage in territorial aggression related to the car. Territorial aggression is when the dog shows aggressive behaviors when a person approaches what the dog perceives as his territory. Examples of … Continue reading

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Car Related Aggression

Have you ever walked by a car or truck with a dog in it and seen the dog go crazy…you know, the dog who lunges and barks and acts like he will eat you alive if you touch his car. … Continue reading

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Are you Writing About AKC S.T.A.R Puppy and CGC?

Are you writing about AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy or Canine Good Citizen?  This doesn’t just mean books; it can include materials for your students, single articles (long or short), blogs, magazines, newspaper stories and more. If you have written anything about … Continue reading

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Teach Your Puppy a Trick: “Shake.”

In the Citizen Canine blog on June 12, (Tricks for Trainers) I talked about how instructors could add trick training to their skills and courses. Since then, we’ve had several questions about teaching tricks to puppies. Taking some time to teach your … Continue reading

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Dog Toys: Not Just Playin’ Around

When you see your puppy or adult dog playing with a toy, he’s not just playing. Depending on the activity, dog toys can be used for: Mental stimulation- when games are played that involve problem solving To teach Instructional Commands … Continue reading

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I recently took Wyn to the vet for a routine check-up. Wyn’s veterinarian is thorough and her exams reflect that. She did the routine annual test and checked him over from head to toe, and when I say ‘toe,’ I … Continue reading

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