April Showers Bring May Flowers

Because tulips are poison, these artificial flowers are a good option for curious puppies.

It rained where I live yesterday.  Today the leaves on the trees are green and shiny, there’s a gentle breeze, and it’s time for spring flowers and gardening.

A few years ago, a friend lost an adorable puppy when the puppy at the seed of a Sago Palm.  Adult dogs had the run of her yard for years with no problems, but a few moments of unsupervised time proved deadly for a curious new puppy.

Here are 25 common plants that are poison when eaten by dogs.  Some of the problems caused by eating these plants range from death in the worst case to other symptoms such as bloody diarrhea, stomach irritation, drooling, convulsions, excessive thirst, hallucinations, and breathing and heart problems.

  1. Aloe
  2. Amaryllis
  3. Avocado (the plant)
  4. Azalea
  5. Clematis
  6. Corn Plant (the house plant variety)
  7. Daffodil
  8. Day Lily
  9. Easter Lily
  10. Elephant Ears
  11. English Ivy
  12. Ferns (a variety including Asparagus Fern, Lace Fern)
  13. Holly
  14. Iris
  15. Japanese Yew
  16. Mistletoe
  17. Morning Glory
  18. Oleander
  19. Poinsetta (more of a winter plant than spring)
  20. Rhododendron
  21. Sago Palm
  22. Tiger Lily
  23. Tomato Plant
  24. Tulip
  25. Yuca

There are many more poisonous plants and extensive lists are available on the Internet.  The list above includes the more common landscaping plants.  Have a wonderful spring and enjoy your gardening, but keep an eye on the dogs!

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