Easter Egg Hunts…for Dogs?

Hippity hoppity, Easter is on its way!  This week’s blog theme is springtime, and with spring comes Easter.  For some of us, and we won’t mention any names, it’s the time of year when our dogs have their annual photos taken as they wear the ridiculous bunny ears (but don’t think I’m being judgmental here; Wyn has a whole set of embarrassing holiday photos including those with the bunny ears and an assortment of stuffed animal bunnies).

Our town has an annual Easter egg hunt for children at the local park.  I’ve been a few times with friends, and I have to tell you, I’ve come to not like Easter egg hunts designed for the masses.  Maybe it’s the way our city does these.  They’re already advertising “Easter Egg Hunt for Children Ages 1-12.”  Really, now what are the chances of toddlers finding hidden plastic eggs when they are competing with 12 year olds?

It goes like this…the eggs are hidden the night before by city park staff.  The morning of the event, the children — hundreds of them and their parents — line up at the start line.  The whistle is blown and…GET OUT OF THE WAY!  IT’S A STAMPEDE!  Within 90 seconds, the older kids have all the eggs and it’s over until next year.  If a child under the age of 5 gets an egg, it’s only because an egg hunt-experienced parent decided to be an advocate and outrun an aggressive pre-teen.

But, I’ve just heard about Easter egg hunts I would enjoy — they’re for dogs!  Chicago has had an egg hunt for dogs in the past.  Treat-filled eggs are hidden and dogs (on leash and with their owners) can find them.  The National Service Dogs have had Easter egg hunts for pups and in Batavia, Illinois, this weekend’s “A Doggone Easter” was celebrated with dogs on leash finding eggs with hidden treats and sponsor coupons.

Finally, an Easter egg hunt where everyone can win!  If your city doesn’t have an egg hunt for your dog, you can set something up similar in your backyard or at a local park.  Basically, it’s a great scent exercise that you and your dog can enjoy.

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One Response to Easter Egg Hunts…for Dogs?

  1. Audri says:

    I just went to one last weekend with my 3 dogs put on by a local dog store. It was a blast! The dogs loved it and we got to be outside in the fresh air.

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