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Vizsla Stalks “Wolf”

My preference is to provide Citizen Canine readers with original material, but sometimes an article or video on the Internet is so good that I’m happy to pass it on for everyone’s enjoyment. Behold the Vizsla, originally a pointer/retriever from … Continue reading

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Meet Martha Washington

Kim Wolf wrote to tell us about a very special CGC dog.  Meet “Martha Washington,” who just passed her Canine Good Citizen test at the age of 10! Kim adopted Martha from Philadelphia Animal Control when she was 8 years … Continue reading

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What Did You Say? When Your Dog “Speaks”

A study reported in USA Today a few years ago found that about 67% of pet owners say they understand their animals’ barks and other sounds, and 62% of owners said that when they speak, their dogs understand the message. … Continue reading

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Do Dogs Grieve?

I recently heard two trainers talking about whether or not dogs grieve when another family pet dies.  I was surprised to hear one trainer say that humans don’t really know what dogs are feeling and it’s not clear to her … Continue reading

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The Barking Poodle – Part 3

This is the final installment in the case of the Barking Poodle.  We’ve talked about her in two previous blogs. As a reminder, the problem was when the dog was fenced in the yard, the owner says she really barks … Continue reading

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The Creation of a Therapy Dog Program

Tomorrow we’ll have the final post on the barking Poodle.  Today, we’d like to share a special guest article from longtime Canine Good Citizen evaluator Marilyn Putz, who has been involved with therapy dogs for nearly 25 years. There are … Continue reading

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

It rained where I live yesterday.  Today the leaves on the trees are green and shiny, there’s a gentle breeze, and it’s time for spring flowers and gardening. A few years ago, a friend lost an adorable puppy when the … Continue reading

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