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Canine Good SENIOR Citizen

If you’re a dog trainer, you’ve heard the question a thousand times — “Can you teach an old dog new tricks?”  Of course the answer is yes. But this week in Canine Good Citizen evaluator Edie Elting’s CGC class (Charlotte, … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera, Action!

We’re ready to make you and your dog a star!  And if you’re a Canine Good Citizen or AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy instructor, we can help promote your great classes by showing your training in action. All you need to do … Continue reading

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Will Work for Food: How to Properly Train with Treats

To continue on yesterday’s theme of training, which is a bonding experience for both you and your dog, I want to talk about training with treats.  Some dog owners are nervous about using food as a reward, so here are … Continue reading

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Tips for Housetraining Puppies

Even though we strongly advise against giving puppies as gifts, the Christmas puppies have arrived and we’ve been getting a lot of calls about housetraining.  First off, you need to understand your puppy.  Puppies don’t urinate or deficate to annoy … Continue reading

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Early Signs of Anxiety

Most of us have experienced anxiety at some point in our lives and can recognize it in others — what most don’t realize is that their dogs get anxious too.  Most dog owners can spot the well-known signs of fear … Continue reading

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Ready for Winter

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos of their dogs braving the cold in their winter coats.  With temperatures set to drop in the Northeast this weekend, we at Citizen Canine wanted to get everyone ready for it with a … Continue reading

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When Dogs Eat Inedible Objects

The caller to the AKC Canine Good Citizen department sounded frustrated.  “My Lab mix will eat anything that is laying around.  She chews the heads off my son’s action figures, she eat tissues from the trash, and she never met … Continue reading

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