Winter Fun

What is your favorite winter activity to do with your dog?  Does your dog enjoy the snow?  Share with everyone in the comments!

Thanks to Jen Rainey for this photo of her dog Icon having fun in the snow!

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3 Responses to Winter Fun

  1. JJR says:

    Our dogs love running in the snow! The more snow, the better.

  2. Lynn Messer says:

    Our Doberman Pinschers love when the ground is snow covered, They follow our grandchildren up and down the snow hill following the sleds. They’ve been bowled over by the children a few times but that does usually stop them.

  3. M. Venatta says:

    My three year old lab likes to play snowplow with the drifts the snow goes flying everywhere then she jumps over the drift to reattack it from the same side. My 11 month old lab isn’t allowed to play until March due surgery to correct fractured medial coronoid process in both elbows. He does enjoy eating the snow and making nose tunnels since he cannot run thru the snow.

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