Bundle Up! Winter Coats for Dogs

I recieved an email today announcing a huge sale on winter coats.  The ad proclaimed the immediate availability of: “All colors, Waterproof, Snowproof, Gortex, Hoods, No hoods, Lined with Polartec Fleece, Zip in Linings, Zip out Linings” and every other type of coat designed to keep the wearer absolutely toasty in frigid weather.

It seems that winter has arrived this week and since 20 degree temps are expected as far south as Florida, I thought a new coat would be nice.

Already deciding that a fleece lined coat was exactly what I needed, I looked a little closer at the ad.  Oh wait — these coats aren’t for me.  This ad is for dog coats.

Wyn is a sporting dog and he doesn’t use a winter coat.  Because he got a beautiful furry red and white coat that came free with him being a Welsh Springer Spaniel, Wyn never needed outdoor winter weather wear.

While I’m not a fan of clothes (dresses, etc.) on dogs, coats are especially useful for going outside in frigid weather for:

  • puppies
  • older dogs with arthritis or health problems affecting temperature regulation
  • breeds and breed mixes with flat coats such as Whippets and Italian Greyhounds
  • some of the Toy breeds/small dogs

When the outside visit for play, exercise, and bathroom breaks is over, be sure to bring your dog inside during cold weather.

Does your dog need a winter coat?  If so, send in photos of your dog wearing his/her outdoor winter weather wear to communications@akc.org for a slideshow later this month!  Please limit your submissions to 5 photos per person.

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One Response to Bundle Up! Winter Coats for Dogs

  1. Regina says:

    My little guys would absolutely die without their coats! It was FOUR degrees out the other night, and their attitude was something along the lines of, “That’s okay, we don’t need to go out, we can wait until spring!”

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