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Featured Trainer: Renea Dahms

At Pawsitively Unleashed in Custer, Wisconsin, Renea Dahms is working hard to train puppies to have good manners.  Her training focuses on the well-behaved family pet rather than competiton and as you can see in her video, the basics of … Continue reading

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Dealing with Divorce: Don’t Forget the Dog

Breaking up is hard to do, and when the family pet is involved things become more complicated.  While there is no perfect solution for helping your dog adjust during a break up or divorce, there are steps you can take … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Plan for Your Dog?

A friend gave me an article written by the Ethicist of the New York Times magazine. On the day I read it, I found the topic sufficiently depressing that my first reaction was “no way am I putting that on the CGC blog.”  But … Continue reading

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Featured Trainer: Michael Nichols

Today we’d like to feature Michael Nichols, a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator/Instructor.  Michael teaches CGC classes as Tails-A-Wagging in Bellingham, Washington. On the video at the link below, you’ll see that by the time dogs graduate from Michael’s CGC class, … Continue reading

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Clicker Training: Using a Clicker to Train Your Dog

Yesterday we talked about playing the shaping game with people to get you warmed up for clicker training your dog.  Remember, the concept of shaping applies to you as a trainer too.  Start with an easy behavior to shape if … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Clicker Training: Play the Shaping Game

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the basics of using a clicker to train your dog.  A clicker is a device with a metal strip that when pushed, makes a “clicking” sound. Clickers were being used as early as the 1940s when … Continue reading

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Resource Guarding: Don’t Touch My Dish!

A dog owner called the AKC Canine Good Citizen department with this problem: “I just adopted ‘Missy,’ this cute little Chihuahua mix, from our local shelter.  She is a perfect dog in many ways, but if you get near her … Continue reading

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