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Fire Prevention Week: Keeping Your Dog Safe

October 9-15, 2011 is Fire Prevention Week. Our dogs are a part of our families and when there is a tragedy such as a house fire, some advance planning may save the lives of our beloved pets. 1. Prevention is the key.  … Continue reading

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Dog High School

Here’s a fun question for the day — if your dog went to high school, what would he or she have been voted?  Would he or she have been Most Popular?  Class Clown?  Most Likely to Succeed?  Most Athletic?  Tell … Continue reading

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What Do You Think? Why Does My Dog….

I get a lot of questions about why dogs do certain things. Last week, we talked about some of the functions of barking, but this barking-specific question from a Citizen Canine subscriber is a little different.  “My two Havanese go crazy and … Continue reading

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There are so many myths about dogs – from misinformation about their care and temperament, to behavior and intelligence.  The problem with myths is that pet owners who act on misinformation may not best meet the needs of their dog.  … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Physical: Helping Your Dog Lose Weight

Just like in their human counterparts, obsesity in dogs seriously affects their health.  It is commonly linked to arthritis, diabetes, and heart problems, among others.  If you find that your dog has packed on a few pounds, you can help … Continue reading

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Maisie the Amazing Nose Artist

Say hi to Maisie!  She’s a playful Australian Shepherd who passed her Canine Good Citizen test in Arroyo Grande, California with the Five Cities Dog Park Association.  She is currently a mobility service dog for her owner, Courtney Aloi, and … Continue reading

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Playing Favorites

When my aunt came to visit, she was very happy to meet my dog, Sarge.  Sarge politely greeted Aunt Lily and then proceeded to follow me everywhere I went in the house like he always did.  “That’s okay,” said Aunt … Continue reading

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