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The Barking Poodle – Part 3

This is the final installment in the case of the Barking Poodle.  We’ve talked about her in two previous blogs. As a reminder, the problem was when the dog was fenced in the yard, the owner says she really barks … Continue reading

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Stimulus Control

We’ve talked about reinforcement, extinction, and punishment.  The last of the main behavioral principles is stimulus control. Behaviors are said to be under stimulus control when there is an increased probability that the behavior will occur as a result of … Continue reading

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We’ve talked about using reinforcement to change behavior.  Extinction is another operant (learned) method that can be used to change the behavior of people or animals. Extinction is when a behavior that was previously reinforced is no longer reinforced, and … Continue reading

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A Club’s Goal to Train German Shepherd Dogs

Here’s a great case of an AKC Specialty (for one breed only) club that had a goal. Lisa Marie Fortier, a Canine Good Citizen evaluator and AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy instructor, wrote to tell us about wonderful work being done by … Continue reading

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Canine Math Whiz: #8

Continuing on yesterday’s theme of intelligence, our number eight pick is a story of a dog who can do math!  We thought this was really interesting and a great testament to what dogs can learn. Labrador Retriever Does Math (The … Continue reading

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All that Dogs Can Learn: #9

Coming in at number 9 is a story about a Border Collie that knows more than 1,000 words.  We chose this story because it shows just how intelligent dogs are and what they are capable of when people take the … Continue reading

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Canine Good SENIOR Citizen

If you’re a dog trainer, you’ve heard the question a thousand times — “Can you teach an old dog new tricks?”  Of course the answer is yes. But this week in Canine Good Citizen evaluator Edie Elting’s CGC class (Charlotte, … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera, Action!

We’re ready to make you and your dog a star!  And if you’re a Canine Good Citizen or AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy instructor, we can help promote your great classes by showing your training in action. All you need to do … Continue reading

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New Activities for 2012: Getting Started in Therapy Work

We’re three days into the new year, and hopefully you’ll do some fun things with your dog in 2012.  You can go to a training class, schedule more time to take your dog on outings, or participate in an activity … Continue reading

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CGC at AKC Meet the Breeds this Weekend!

I’m in New York City this weekend for the 3rd Annual AKC Meet the Breeds event at the Jacob Javits Center! I’ll be there answering people’s questions about training and behavior, and demonstrating different parts of the Canine Good Citizen … Continue reading

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