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Puppies: Critical Period of Socialization

Yesterday we talked about what puppy owners can do while they wait for a puppy class to begin.  Several readers mentioned the importance of early socialization and training. There are actually some critical periods of socialization for puppies. A critical … Continue reading

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New Puppy: What to Do While You Wait for a Class

We got a call from an excited dog owner who had just adopted a new puppy from his local shelter. He read about AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and while he waited for a class to begin, he wanted to know what … Continue reading

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Confident Puppies

We all know that training is a big part of having a happy dog.  So is making sure your puppy or dog is confident.  Here are some tips for building your puppy’s confidence and raising an easygoing dog. Meet new … Continue reading

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Featured Trainer: Michael Burkey

This week, we’re pleased to bring you a video of Canine Good Citizen evaluator Michael Burkey demonstrating CGC skills with his dog.  To see the video, click here: Michael Burkey is the president of Michigan Dog Training, LLC, a … Continue reading

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Spring Training for Your Dog

Baseball fans know that spring training starts in February and goes until opening day, which is usually around the first week of April.  During spring training, teams relocate to warmer climates in places such as Arizona and Florida.  In baseball, … Continue reading

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Stimulus Control

We’ve talked about reinforcement, extinction, and punishment.  The last of the main behavioral principles is stimulus control. Behaviors are said to be under stimulus control when there is an increased probability that the behavior will occur as a result of … Continue reading

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We’ve talked about using reinforcement to change behavior.  Extinction is another operant (learned) method that can be used to change the behavior of people or animals. Extinction is when a behavior that was previously reinforced is no longer reinforced, and … Continue reading

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Will Work for Food: Reinforcement

Reinforcement is when a behavior, followed by a consequent stimulus, is strengthened or becomes more likely to occur again. Positive reinforcement: good things will come your way.  A positive reinforcer is a stimulus that, when presented following a behavior, makes … Continue reading

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Survey Results: What Are Your Training Goals?

Reading the survey results made me feel honored to be associated with all of you who read the blog. It’s clear that we have top-notch trainers here, dog owners who are committed to learning new skills, and instructors who continually … Continue reading

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Your Own Training Goals

This week has been all about setting goals, and we want to hear from you.  What are your training goals?  Whether you’re a dog owner, intructor, or evaluator, what would you like to accomplish when it comes to training?  Share … Continue reading

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