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Tips for Housetraining Puppies

Even though we strongly advise against giving puppies as gifts, the Christmas puppies have arrived and we’ve been getting a lot of calls about housetraining.  First off, you need to understand your puppy.  Puppies don’t urinate or deficate to annoy … Continue reading

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Early Signs of Anxiety

Most of us have experienced anxiety at some point in our lives and can recognize it in others — what most don’t realize is that their dogs get anxious too.  Most dog owners can spot the well-known signs of fear … Continue reading

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Ready for Winter

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos of their dogs braving the cold in their winter coats.  With temperatures set to drop in the Northeast this weekend, we at Citizen Canine wanted to get everyone ready for it with a … Continue reading

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When Dogs Eat Inedible Objects

The caller to the AKC Canine Good Citizen department sounded frustrated.  “My Lab mix will eat anything that is laying around.  She chews the heads off my son’s action figures, she eat tissues from the trash, and she never met … Continue reading

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Winter Fun

What is your favorite winter activity to do with your dog?  Does your dog enjoy the snow?  Share with everyone in the comments! Thanks to Jen Rainey for this photo of her dog Icon having fun in the snow!

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Dogs in History: The Mayflower

Better late than never — I finally finished my Thanksgiving reading this weekend.  To get myself fully in the mood for Thanksgiving several weeks ago, I wanted to read about the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620.  Little did … Continue reading

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Making Training Fun: First Lessons for a 7-Week-Old Pup

Barbara De Groodt, super trainer and owner of From the Heart Dog Training (Salinas, CA) graciously agreed to share this video of the very first lesson for her 7-week-old Rottweiler, Cowboy. Using a no-leash, positive method with food lures to … Continue reading

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Dogs Teaching Dogs

In her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen classes, Sylvia Moody has the benefit of two assistants who know a lot about dogs. That’s because they are dogs.  Meet Star and Justin, Sylvia’s Scottish Terriers. Star attended a recent … Continue reading

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Bundle Up! Winter Coats for Dogs

I recieved an email today announcing a huge sale on winter coats.  The ad proclaimed the immediate availability of: “All colors, Waterproof, Snowproof, Gortex, Hoods, No hoods, Lined with Polartec Fleece, Zip in Linings, Zip out Linings” and every other … Continue reading

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CGC Resolutions- From Readers and Their Dogs

After receiving the New Year’s resolutions from the dogs of our Citizen Canine readers, we know two things: 1) our readers have a sense of humor, and 2) they’ve got some great training plans for 2012.  The dogs will be … Continue reading

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